First Appearance Episode 194: IGAVENTURE
Title Castle Architect
Rank The Dork Lord
Role Dracula
Status Stuffed up in a castle
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers {$powers}
Abilities Crafting magic rings
Grim Synergy {$grimsyn}
Age Immortal
Country Land of Taiyou
Height Several meters tall
Weight 5kg
Speed Difficult to measure as he
rarely moves by walking
Power Level {$level}
Blood Type In his stomach
Family Extensive bloodline
Marital Status Married to Frippa Shaw
Likes {$likes}
Dislikes {$dislikes}
Treasures {$treasures}
Hobbies Torturing,
Collecting antique furniture
Favorite Food The more hidden,
the more enjoyable
Forte in Sports The goblet toss
Fighting Style {$style}
Weapon of Choice Sword or Whip
Attacks Wineglass Throw,
Candle Break,
Petty Larceny,
Soul Steal
Battle Cry "Die monster!"
Win Quote "Praise me."
Most Unpleasant {$nagger}
Weakness Armed Wrestling,
Favorite Music Symphony of the Might
Personality Ultimate Humble
An unbelievably Funded

"When you're complimented, you die."

-IGA on his tremendous humility

Izatsumotonayomatsumikami-ga-Aishiteru (more commonly known as IGA) is a Taiyou no god who enjoys a considerable amount of popularity in Eurump for his glamorous architectural undertakings, the Dracula castles.

The patron god of beautificians, IGA is also largely responsible for establishing a unique class in Land of Taiyou's society, the kanari-otoko, well-known for their sense of navigation, global weapon proficiency, furniture collecting, and their astonishing beauty. Both the Dracula castles and kanari-otoko have been heavily analyzed in Chapel circles. Diplo himself has reportedly recreated entire layouts of Dracula castles from memory, praising their economic complexity. Draculas, the usual residents of the castle, have far less appreciation for the castles, as they tend to linger in the castle keeps rather than enjoy the breadth of the entire structures. Dracula castles are also frequently pillaged by members of the Beaumont family.

Considering his idiosyncratic popularity outside of Land of Taiyou, IGA is the target of jealousy from lesser Eurumpean deities like Coxxus. IGA is also well-known for his startling appearance: ravaging wild hair and a cowboy hat. He wields his own whip, most likely stolen from Rumple Beaumont, and likes to whip the construction workers he employs. IGA also garners considerable praise for his so-called "big fat iga cock."

Several internal wars within Coxenburg were caused by anti-IGA sentiments as IGA built castles around Coxenburg. They complained the castles weren't adlut enough and were full of "gay homo princes." This was largely inaccurate because Draculas have no sexuality, and the castles usually included thousands of skeletons with minimal soul output, making the castle very adlut, since skeletons were usually the leftovers of dead adventurers in their mid-20s to early 30s. Another war erupted between Coxenburg and the Chapel when a Dracula castle was situated between their borders. Diplo was exploring the castle and crossed into Coxenburg territory, and Lord D.F. Jogre of Coxenburg called it an act of aggression. It was quickly resolved when the Chapel as a state was eliminated during the Fall of the Chapel.