Incidents of Being Tricked Into Entering Caves

The Neo Slam Gods have been tricked into entering caves by Shadowslam on more than one occasion. The recorded instances are numbered in the Book of Slams. Historians and statisticians estimate that due to their frequent nature such events of chicanery must have also occurred beyond the Good Book's scope, and may number in the hundreds.


  • The Neo Slam Gods track the Dark Slam Gods down but soon realize that they are among the most extensive network of bear caves in the world, housing at least fifteen-thousand enraged Giga Grizzlies.
  • "Come to Cave Death for free pizza" reads a note left on the Cradle of Cram's front steps. The Neo Slam Gods must track down Crashcombo, who has left in hopes of procuring nonexistent pizza, and find themselves in Cave Death.
  • Jackbiggu trips over a stone strategically positioned by Negabomb and falls down a sinkhole into a cave. The Neo Slam Gods notice Jackbiggu has been missing for a month and track him down to find that he has been slamming every square inch of the cave wall's in the hopes that one section will be an illusory wall.
  • Damndeeder taunts Thrusticle by saying, "I bet you don't even know what a cave is!" Determined to prove him wrong, Thrusticle locates the biggest adjacent cave and becomes lost while shouting to himself, "Now this is a cave!"