Infernando Fuegorro

Infernando Fuegorro was a clown known for his brilliant acts of arson. Because of his popularity, all other clowns are assumed to be artistic arsonists as well. This led to a dark period in time known as the Disappointed in Clowns Era until Burgburg entrepreneurs Magnum and Flailey convinced their troupe of clowns to learn the arts of Satan. The brief but bright era of Fascinated in Clowns Era began and shortly ended after every circus tent was burnt down by accident.

All clowns are now unemployed, but continue to use arson for non-entertainment purposes, much to the chagrin of every non-clown. A clown's weak spot is his bulb-like red nose because it usually contains a high concentration of alcohol. Reversing a fire attack by a clown onto their nose will usually cause them to blow up.