International Bicep Pumpfield

The International Bicep Pumpfield (IB-PumpF) was a tremendous discovery that led to several exercise-related breakthroughs, as it allowed the facilitation of information through rigorous exercise. TB-PumpF is similar to UFL, in that user capabilities entirely depend on their power level. Unlike UFL, IB-PumpF operates on currently unknown laws within an ung-urthly plane of existence. What is known is that it is a global system of interconnected networks ranging from entire gymnasiums to singular muscle cells. Despite uncertainties over its nature, IB-PumpF is vastly used in everyday communications, from television to long-distance muscle worship.

To access IB-PumpF, many countries now use manual labor to run servers. Laborers usually consist of bodybuilders trying to prove their patience in menial tasks. These are hand-powered mills that generate Muscle Force. This is transferred along Bicep Lines — bodybuilders who sacrificed themselves to be turned into eternally flexing power stations — and finally into human slamming devices.