Inu and Neko Coolday

A duo never seen apart. Inu and Neko Coolday were once the longest reigning WHAMESCO Tag Team Champions, until their ownership of the belt was annulled. The official reason is that they were not human.

Seeing the stables of wrestlers include civilisaurs, demons, and the occasional transdimensional being, Bumrum Wrasslehon was possibly trying to save face for his own stable. Despite this, Bumrum's own stable would not be the next in line for the belt, as the belt tagged with another belt to win their corresponding championships by themselves and ruled for 10,000,000 years until the WHAMESCO Tag Team Championship belt was successfully captured by Nightmare and Peklo in the Big Manga Snare.

Inu and Neko Coolday now live out their days in Danger City helping old people cross the street to death.