J. R. Big Clip

Good friend of Gamble Hardwink, J. R. Big Clip (a.k.a. JRBC, a.k.a. Jurbick) is an unprofessional muscle lord who can often be seen pumping up and slamming down on Slamerica's west coast.

Although JRBC is considered small-time by other bodybuilders, his aspiration are anything but, as his ultimate goal is to put enormous clips, much like the ones used to keep opened bags shut or hold loose pieces of paper together, on the mouths of the largest and angriest monsters on G-Urth. This even includes the Diarrhea Mouth Baboon Breaker, notorious for its raucously huge potty mouth.

JRBC builds these clips himself out of adamantium and has worked on toning his body mainly for the purpose of being able to haul these contraptions around and pull them apart. The largest of these currently weighs 5.2 tons.