Jab Mush

Jab Mush is a pulpy mass of unknown composition that resembles a middle-aged white man. He was governor of Hothole for several years. He is most well known for his stance on killing a baby Shadowslam.

Excerpt of article:

Given the opportunity, Jab Mush says he'd go back in time and kill baby Shadowslam.

"Hell yeah, I would!" the former Hothole governor told The Hufftuff Tribunal. "You gotta step up, man."

Mush said he knows there's no way to predict how the course of human history would change — and whether Slam Vs Ram Conflict could have been avoided — had the eventual Dark Slam God never escaped infancy.

The question came from a poll from Danger City Times magazine.

"It could have a dangerous effect on everything else, but I'd do it — I mean, Shadowslam," Mush said.