A Neo Slam God who specializes in speed. His penchant for showing off is beaten out only by Crashcombo; for example, at the Hall of Mead's dining table during a meal, Jackbiggu may perform dodging movements at maximum capacity, even though there will be no threat. If it weren't for Jackbiggu's ability to control the physical consequences of this display, the dodges' sonic waves would surely destroy the entire vicinity. While dodging, Jackbiggu has a habit of making a sound that is comparable to a dolphin squeaking at a very low octave with equal rapidity.

His hobby is training in the Muscle Chamber, an extradimensional room that generates challenges specified by the Slam Gods. In Jackbiggu's case, he often will create a room with highly elastic properties and then have ten-thousand morning star heads (which bounce as easily as balls in the simulation, but carry as much harmful potential) ejected into the room at two-thirds the speed of light. It is Jackbiggu's dream to one day dodge light itself.

His favorite vegetable is turnips.

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