Jacopo Pumppano

Jacopo Pumppano was an artist from Martinettio, whose family claimed to have been descended from Pumpatron. He was enamored with Slam and painted over fifty frescoes of the Slam Gods in various states of slamming and, innovative for the time, deep thought. However, Pumppano's more lucrative art, such as Ramrod Thinking of Rods, was seen as sacrilegious, with clergy calling Pumppano's Slam Gods "heretical sloths" and "smarty-pants."

In the twilight years of the House of Sbattici's rule, Pumppano was excommunicated and exiled. Although Diplo, a visiting Slam scholar from the Chapel, tried to defend Pumppano by pointing out how rad his control of the brush was, the clergy would not budge in their opinion. With the surrounding land around Martinettio being a well-known "no man's land," where law ceased to exist and Slam-life began, vicious Slam zealots emerged from Martinettio and chased Pumppano down just as he left the city gates. Pumppano's friends, who went to investigate the next day, only found the corpses of the Slam zealots, with wounds resembling those only occurred by an intense degree of slamming.

The evidence of prodigious slamming was so great that the church decided to grant Pumppano plenary indulgence. However, Pumppano himself was never seen again. A few people often tell of how Pumppano finally realized the potential of his Pumpatron blood and became a Neo Slam God. Others say it was Diplo.