A Neo Slam God who is fond of holding two brightly colored maracas in each hand whenever going into battle. Jamboree claims that shaking these to a rhythm that coordinates with his slams helps him to tap into a deep, spiritual groove. None of the other Slam Gods, however, have tried this strategy (Ramrod secretly finds it to be racist).

In his spare time, Jamboree is fond of stuffing pipes full of miscellaneous objects, holding the pipe's mouth against his groin, and then slamming so hard that the stuff shoots out the pipe's other end at 154,672 miles-per-hour. He has not incorporated this technique into his combative repertoire for unknown reasons.

Jamboree has a crippling Sweet Tooth for Turkish Delights, and once almost let the Dark Slam Gods escape when they promised to reward him with a landfill of Turkish Delights.

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