Jams Higgins

Jams Higgins is a Mashchester cretin whose entire vocabulary consists solely of, "Dum." The meaning behind "Dum" is as profound as it is vast, and many have exploded into rage upon hearing Jams's insightful blubbering. Jams works at IB-PumpF Headquarters and his sole job is to quiz its failing Bicep Lines on their memory to ensure that muscle data is not lost. This proves quite difficult given Jams's speech consisting of one word, but Jams manages with exhausting games of charade. If a Bicep Line fails Jams's games of charades, Jams will proceed to run ham/her/him over with his motorcycle, the DumJammer.

So far, 99% of Bicep Lines have been promptly executed by Jams.

Jams is of the opinion that pineapples are not sour. It makes him excessively angry whenever he hears someone retort otherwise, but lacking the capacity to say more than "Dum," he tends to run them over with the DumJammer in retaliation. This has caused over 10,000 casualties including minor public figures such as MC Coxxus, Slamdoval of Tagaslam, and the Sentient Pineapple of Whammustan.