Jango Bamboozle

Jango is the most recent member of the League of Bodacious Bodybuilders. She proved her power to the League when she ventured into God Hell Island's Surprise Punching Satan Hand Desert and destroyed all of the Satan Hands there (making demonologists both glad and mad) with nothing but a club made of petrified Glum Rammer Lord bonners.

She has the honor of being among the handful of people to have made Hearty Fuudo stand up with a punch to his tummychub. There are even rumors that Hearty, upon standing, muttered, "Saiko panchi …" and licked his lips in delight. Jango claims that she was abandoned as a baby and raised, until the age of ten, by a mysterious, forest-dwelling Muscle Lord who kept their face obscured by their pectorals. Some believe that it is possible that this Muscle Lord was a Neo Slam God. Jango awoke on the day of her tenth birthday and found that the Muscle Lord had disappeared, but had left a memento: a hole punched in a nearby boulder that softly echoed with the phrase, "Seek the muscle." From that day forward, Jango vowed to be the best bodybuilder.

Jango fancies herself a dancer of high caliber, and has taken part in many dancing competitions. On one occasion, she entered the All Hail The Hero Jitterbug Slamdown and danced so hard on the dancing platform that everyone around her shudderingly exploded into meat novas and monstrous flames shot out of fresh fissures in the ground, setting fire to half of the nearby city. Ordinarily, this would have spelled trouble for the contestant, but Jango was quick to flash a world record sensational grin and give the Thumbs Up, and so secured first place.