Jarry Boschwraggler

Jarry Boschwraggler leads several think tanks across Burgburg that are focused on wrestling technology. So far, they have created the largest hot dog. When asked about its significance in wrestling, Jarry threw a prototype mega-burger at the interviewer which proceeded to put the interviewer in a camel clutch. Jarry Boschwraggler's think tanks have paved the way for a new fine dining experience. Boschwraggler claims his fighting foods help wrestlers get over the guilt that they have to stop fighting in order to eat by making even processed food (hunting animals is becoming a rarity because most species are extinct from over-slammation) able to fight back. Boschwragger is most proud of his McDongle's fast food franchise which has over a trillion locations in Burgburg. Every house in Burgburg comes with a miniature franchise staffed by imps. Boschwraggler claims the imps work out of their own free will and were not enslaved from Dracula Holes, despite imps being well-known for murdering humans on first contact.