Jennica Bojungle

Jennica Bojungle is a famous judge of bodybuilding and ice cream, who is now known for her preference for ripping out the entrails of goblins to wear as temporary scarves. Unlike others, she does not attend bodybuilding competitions. She has expressed disinterest in such contests, remarking that she cannot eat bodybuilders (because the taste of steroids is appalling). Nevertheless, she appears as a guest judge on many bodybuilding shows where her aggressive criticism is the hallmark. Her surname is not an actual family name in the conventional sense. She appeared from the jungle, wielding a bo staff (rumored to be related to the Slam Staff of legend) and subdued her discoverers, Kasvossani and Juhlissani.

The rest of the world discovered her presence when Dag Infinite's face was pounded by the flying, dismembered hands of Kasvossani and Juhlissani during a weightlifting competition. He traced the direction from which the hands came from and met Jennica Bojungle in Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley. After a long discussion in the Universal Flexing Language, Dag decided to introduce her to the world outside of Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump and they agreed on the name, Jennica Bojungle. Her actual name is kept in utmost secrecy, leading some to believe she may be a Satan in disguise. They further made an agreement that Dag would trade his fighting manuals in exchange for a fraction of her power. In one night, Jennica mastered submission holds, signifying an amazing mental capacity.

Jennica Bojungle has taken up interest in judging ice cream competition, 200 km dashes, bingledorp preservation, and Glum Rammer Lord ramming. She is especially fond of ice cream and other sweets, having to subsist on bitter goblin veal previously. The use of goblin meat is so discouraged that Finnish cuisine was called the worst in the world for having grub that included goblin in its ingredients. Jennica argues that eating goblin everyday was just the ho most boring, and that sweets are not really all that much better in taste. Still, some remark that her techniques were developed out of necessity to withstand the putrid taste of goblin. When asked about it, Dag just shrugs.

Jennica has slaughtered several rumor-mongers. To clear things up, she has recently published a book, How to Get Fit. Much to the chagrin of unfaithful musclemaniacs, the exercise regimens detailed in the book merely consist of the usual rather than some fantastical way to build Slam power. Of course, these regimens are often at a thousand times the scale as standard exercise regimens. For instance, the BodBuildr Standards Association recommends killing three sentient beings a day, while How to Get Fit recommends several dozens.

The book also details her life before being exposed to the other life. Apparently, she had always been aware of the outside force, detecting the muscle energies of those surrounding her in a hundred-thousand km radius. She never bothered to step outside of the jungle because the power level of the creatures outside of it were usually weaker. Jennica was apparently born of two colossal giants who offered their pumphole the carcasses of Glum Rammer Lords. Unfortunately, her parents accidentally fell into the pumphole themselves.

When Jennica takes too much damage, she can shed her skin to reveal a protective coat of hardened crystals. This has only occurred once, when she took a massive dive down Howl Head to recover a scoop of ice cream that had fallen into Hell. Her body is extremely flexible and she can bend backwards to lick her own buttocks. Additionally she can stretch her skin to glide in a manner similar to the Taiyou Flying Bingledorp.