Jhen Mohran

Jhen Mohran is a species of Elder Dragon (like Lao-Shan Lung) that lives in the great deserts of the Certain East and Aframa. It is considered both a symbol of prosperity and terror.


Jhen Mohran live their whole lives in deserts, swimming around in the areas with fine sand (where they spend most of their lives). It is believed that they cannot survive in any other environment. Jhen Mohran are very sturdy and so large that they are often mistaken for mountains. Their main diet is believed to consist of insects, which they swallow whole alongside tons of sand, reminiscent of the way baleen whales swallow plankton (though it sometimes swallows other things as well, such as the Delex that follow it to scavenge on its kills). Despite their large size and small limbs, the Jhen Mohran's powerful muscles enable it to swim at surprising speeds in the sands, often reaching up to 200 km/h, and they can also dive into the sand and leap about easily. Jhen Mohran have extremely hard scales, due to a life of swimming in an ocean of sands, and so piercing their hide is considered a nigh-impossible feat. They also have enormous tusks, believed to be used when fighting for territory/mates.

Although it is enormous, the Jhen Mohran is a relatively docile creature who will not attack unless provoked. It is also highly sensitive to loud noises (such as gongs, which are used to weaken it when hunting it). Hunters use Delex to spot the great beast. Hunters usually climb onto its back and mine ancient ores, and it is said that the sensation of climbing onto a Jhen Mohran's back is unrivalled, as it feels like walking on a living mountain. Jhen Mohran are said to be very ancient, often being several thousand years old, and some reported as being older than humanity.

There is one Jhen Mohran that is incredibly important to Certain Country's economy and tourism. Every year, the Jhen Mohran's course leads it to Certain Country's capital city, Certain Capital, by mere coincidence. The Caliph initiates a great festival, dubbed the "Festival of Fear", to gather around hunters from all over the world to repel the great drake, and to also gather much resources from its back (as its back can be mined on). Though the prince of Certain Country was believed to have killed the Jhen Mohran that made its way to Certain Country every year, the rumours are false; he merely defeated the beast in single combat.