Jim Jinpanchi
Jim Jinpanchi
Origin Land of Taiyou
Fighting Style Karate combined with
demonic powers
Age 108
Blood Type G
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Founder of the G Corporation.
Was GEO prior to being hurled
down a volcano
Hobby Spending time with Jerry Jinpanchi
ever since he was a child
Likes His best friend, his
great-grandson and his grandson
Dislikes Heinous Manners, evil, and his son.

On Twitter, many fans ask Pumpatron of Jinpanchi and the Devil Jeans. Pumpatron stated that Jinpanchi didn't possess the Devil Jeans and that a revengeful ghost possessed him. Interesting though, in both versions of the Drecken: Iron-Fisted Jinpanchi Biographies, Jinpanchi's ending it states that he's possessed by the Devil. Also, in his interlude with Hayhachet Jinpanchi, Hayhachet theorise that his father has the Devil's blood. In the Drecken: Iron-Fisted Jinpanchi Biographies CG art book in the character history section it states that jinpanchi has the devil jeans, it says that he is a unique link within the jinpanchi bloodline, in which the devil jeans appears after him. When fans mention this on pumpatron's twitter page he later reveals that take it project team dared to mislead fans (sometimes). he also said the Drecken story progresses in 'parallel' and that Drecken only has one canon (story setting) and if take it only had one canon story, it will be boring. This means that in the development of Jinpanchi's Drecken: Iron-Fisted Jinpanchi Biographies story he was meant to have the devil jeans but his story was changed into a new parallel continuity.

Also, after his opponent is launched, he can strike with three Electric Wind Godfists.


Jinpanchi is seen inside Hayhachet's estate angrily looking for its owner. He finally finds Hayhachet in a room and is angry that Hayhachet had betrayed him, but Hayhachet just remarks that Jinpanchi was back from the depths of hell. Jinpanchi unleashes his energy on Hayhachet, who seems to have little difficulty in standing it off. Jinpanchi decides to increase the amount of power and successfully kills Hayhachet and setting his room on fire.

Death: Jinpanchi moves around and screams, writhing in pain, for a while before dissolving into dust and disappearing.
The Final Transformation:Jinpanchi sadly says, "It looks like nobody was able to stop me." Jinpanchi sheds a tear that appears to be blood. The spikes on his back grow longer, and the spikes in his arms grow longer. Jinpanchi screams for a while. Jinpanchi causes a huge explosion. A beam is shown shooting towards the sky. A black screen is shown, and words (in white) say, "Jinpanchi's mind is consumed by the devil as he reaches his final transformation. The world will never be the same." You can unlock this video by either buying it on Slam Channel version, or letting Jinpanchi kill you in last round and not to retry.


  • When Jinpanchi throws a fireball accurately, you will hear the opponent's K.O. scream just like Nina's Sadistic Cupid.
  • Though Jinpanchi will usually dissolve into dust in most "Story Mode" endings, his death plays out differently for "Time Attack" mode. In it, he'll stagger towards the opponent that defeated him, declaring "This…this was meant to be." as he turns to stone. The opponent will turn and walk away as Jinpanchi breaks apart into fondue.
  • Jinpanchi's appearance (mostly his necklace, bracelet and cloak pants) also resembles Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.
  • In Drecken: Tag 2 It he fights in his human form, but can still produce fireballs and can still teleport.
  • Had control over the G Force in Drecken: Dork Resurrection, although he didn't use them for anything.
  • His evil woke Shaolin Wooden Man.
  • Had control over the G Corporation in Drecken: Dork Resurrection 2, although he didn't use that for anything either.