Jobberigando is a city-state in Hothole. While the rest of Hothole resides in Hell, Jobberigando's land is lifted by four immortal wrestlers known as The Giants. The pressure from lifting Jobberigando for millions of years has reduced their once-well-oiled-and-sculpted bods to fuzzy heads with elongated legs.

Jobberigando is most well known for its 1:1 scale replica of Heck, Dismaland. It is also a secret wrestling haven. Jobberigando is the headquarters of the talent development branch of WHAMESCO, WHAMESCO FLX. Many have praised FLX for its intriguing and fresh wrestler gimmicks, but once any wrestler transitions over to WHAMESCO, they are reduced to a jobber; hence the city-state's name.

Otherwise, Jobberigando is pretty much Hell.