Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley

A place that even many of the greatest warriors avoid, the Jumbo Valley (for short) is jam-packed with some of the fiercest animals in the world. Most are colossal, hyper-enraged versions of existing species, although several dozen are unique, such as the Glum Rammer Lord or the Hell Tackle Devil. The valley's areas are distinct, and consist of a swamp, a forest, a cave, a plain, and an abandoned mega castle.

According to the Book of Slams, the valley was originally stocked with such creatures by the Neo Slam Gods when they wanted to train themselves on G-Urth, which should be all the information needed to understand what a frightening place it truly is. It is also written that the Neo Slam Gods left behind a holy weapon for anyone strong enough to brave the challenges of the valley and locate the object.

Jumbo Valley has seen a resurgence of popularity in the wake of Badder Tumblegood's exploits therein.