Jut's Bar

Jut's Bar is an alleged "bar" that Giz frequented during his living days as a healthy young tonttu. He was a regular who always ordered a Harmony of Dissonance drink at the bar. However, one day he received the receipt and upon reading it, discovered he had been ordering Harmony of a Cutie drinks. At that moment, Giz stopped visiting the bar, and it seemingly disappeared from existence.

When Manfredo was interviewed about the bar, more details were uncovered such as: the barkeep being named Juts Barmont, the bar constantly blared Luminous Cavern in deafening volumes, the bar had an ancient urn, antique table, bookshelf, candleholder, candlestick, castle drawing, chair, chandelier, closet, gold trinket, hero statue, king-size bed, lucky cat, old radio, phonograph, pretty vase, raccoon statue, rocking chair, sage statue, side table, silk curtain, silver dishes, silver trinket, smiling statue, strange mirror, stuffed stag, tall clock, teacup, teapot, wine glass, and a wizard's urn. There was once a toilet until the Frontflip Master stole it away.