K'SO, also known as Fattyfloats and Potbelly Demons, are demons from the Southeastern Land of Dragons. They reside in the large temple complexes where the king ordered sculptor Dung K'so to decorate the complexes with the ideal beauty. When Dung K'so finished the project overnight, the king was astounded. But then the king's gaze met Dung K'so's statues, and he shrieked in terror, for the statues resembled floating turds (and also dragons). When he ordered the guards to behead Dung K'so on the spot, Dung K'so snapped his fingers and the K'SO came alive. However, they were far too slow and even worse at turning. Dung K'so was killed before any of them were in range to unleash their special technique: farting from their mouths while igniting fire magic from their tongue to emit a large stream of farting fire.

Hardly anyone has died to a K'SO, and those that do live in eternal shame (if they are revived afterwards). Thernz was once surrounded by K'SO and was almost burned to death. The Hook-Nosed Goblin is another casualty of the K'SO.

A small sect of Burgburgers worship the K'SO.