Karma Killa Kong

Karma Killa Kong is a wrestler signed to All Skeleton Women's Pro-Wrestling, and is responsible for disproving the concept of Karma. Karma Kong holds a record over a few hundred championships both in singles and in tag championships with Dragon Kong. Despite being from Killerforno, she impressed the skeletons of the Land of Taiyou enough to be inducted into their ranks. She was trained at the Skeleton Dojo for Saikyo Puroresu before being kicked out for discovering the secret to destroying skeletons.

Later on, Karma Kong joined the ASWPW under the name Karma Killa Kong. Dragon Kong was preoccupied with killing dragons, so Karma Kong's manager made her a replacement for the missing Kong. However, she quickly crushed the competition and met Dragon Kong in the Final Battle Kong v. Kong. Dragon Kong won the match, but she found such deep respect for Karma Kong that, seconds after pin, they teamed up to become 2Kong4Long, and went on to establish a decade-long relationship, destroying every dragon wrestler in the Land of Taiyou.

When Taiyounese scientists grew afraid of this constant dragon killing, they reckoned that karma would bite the Kongs in the bottom. Killing dragons was considered bad luck at the time. Surprisingly, retribution never came, and after exactly ten years 2Kong4Long had managed to kill every dragon in the country's existence. Satisfied, the Kongs dismantled and went on to be involved in other international promotions.

Karma Kong chose no side when the Skeleton War arrived, having already befriended the skeletonsphere and knowing that her Skeleton Murder Skill Secret was too dangerous to unleash upon the world…