King Of All Butt Satans

An overtly muscular Satan. This particular demon had a human abandomen attached to a pair of strange armored legs. The strange armored legs were actually compartments of STEROIDS that are shot into the bloodstream of the demon's upper torso. But it's more than apparent that this was all a ruse. The King Of All Butt Satans was actually a total wimp, with the pasty skin of the Four Bings and a set of pins around his waist. Upon releasing the pins, the King's true form was revealed: a human torso with wispy tendrils of Darkness for its lower appendages. It's possible these tendrils, which emitted a never-ending black smog, are the very origin of the Darkness in all of G-Urth.

The King of All Butt Satans contested this was not always the case, and that his legs were destroyed in a brawl with Gabriel Goblin. Realizing he had to work out, he quickly gave up on training the traditional way and acquired machinery from the Dark Slam Gods. He eventually met final defeat at the hands of Dragbriel Vamblin. Rest in peace, bubba.

The King Of All Butt Satans had a close resemblance to a nude Peklo. His special ability was to slow down time whilst screaming.