King Police

Little do people know that the police is actually led not by the government, but by the monstrous regency known as King Police. King Police has the power to lead all law enforcement, and is rumored to have invented Law itself. The variability of law and its being the inverse of ethicality can be traced to King Police's ideology: "Cop 'em, then chop 'em."

King Police controls the populace through different laws. And King Police is most proud of the more inane laws, such as Certain Country's "You are not allowed to chew the bubble gum while chewing the demon." International law is the most cumbersome, bureaucratic process in the world on purpose. King Police is also King Criminal, who is the kingpin of International Crime Co.

King Police's gargantuan belt has a golden devil's face embedded in it. It is said to be the Ultimate Judge and enjoys judging everything. It's often featured on cooking competitions. King Police and the belt share the same stomach.