King Vermin

King Vermin is a subterranean king whose kingdom dwells in the basement of Cheese Queendom, a secluded nation of mass demon slayers who used cheese as a weapon. Cheese Queendom has since fallen in ruin after King Vermin and his ratfolk stole all the cheese, allowing for Mega Demons to unleash a Giga Jam on all of the Queendom's inhabitants. May they rest in leipäjuusto. Or not, because the rats probably took that too.

After the fall of the queendom, King Vermin managed to enslave the entire army of Mega Demons, baiting them with re-purposed rat traps once used by the queendom's servants. The mega demon traps utilized popular bodybuilding magazines and detroit techno albums. The demons have since been domesticated and now constitute as one of the largest sources of cheese in the world. Despite this, most of the cheese remains in the rat kingdom. However, King Vermin, having become TOO STUFFED, has decided to allow for demon cheese surpluses to be exported. The delicacy is popular among nobles, lords, and curious demons.

The actual name of the rat kingdom remains in utmost secrecy, but foreigners colloquially refer to it as Shin Burgburg. There are some rumors that the great sovereign has fallen after his tail got tangled with a billion other rats.