Kingkill Killer

Kingkill Killer (kingukiru kira) is a mysterious spirit believed to haunt the haunt of Coxenburg. It wanders aimlessly through the goblinized halls while muttering, "Kuruto-tan… Kuruto-tan…" Many urban explorers do not fear Kingkill Killer's presence; rather, they fear his absence, for when Kingkill Killer leaves his abode, he produces a swath of gruesome destruction. In the times he leaves Coxenburg, Kingkill Killer can be seen throughout the world mercilessly killing anti-government factions and, indeed, those who plan to kill kings. In some cases, this does more bad than good, but Kingkill Killer does not discriminate against kings, no matter how benevolent or evil they are. While his phantom vigilantism can be seen as Chaotic Good, the chaos it inters is wretched. His methods are sadist and inhuman (naturally, as he is a ghost). These methods range from plunging men down Dracula Holes and dropping their own mothers on them from 1,000 km above, to stringing together a pack of Hell Tackle Devils to relentlessly ram a person ten-thousand times.

No one knows who Kingkill Killer was when he was alive. Several people have suggested that he could be the first Coxenburg king's dog, Donny, ancestor of Danny.