A legendary demon whose current existence is debatable, although the popular belief is that he lives on God Hell Island. He is known to have assumed two forms. In the first, he was a half-human and half-stag beetle being covered by a flexible exoskeleton that resembled a morbidly obese European king. In the second, he was half-armless-man, half-snake. Demonology experts are not sure which of these forms was the most powerful, and what the catalyst for the transformation was. In fact, experts are not sure if Kingu ever possessed any substantial demon power at all, as his forms imposed severe limits on movement and offensive action.

Regardless, he is a significant figure in demon lore for the time he assassinated King Bilmblorb XIV of Burgburg 600 years ago and assumed the throne, reigning for 120 years thenceforth. He abdicated the throne when his butt fell asleep due to having sat for twelve decades straight.

Kingu is not King of Devil.