Knights of the Pound Table

The Knights of the Pound Table were figures in the legends about King ArtHurt. They were the best knights in King ArtHurt's kingdom, and lived in King ArtHurt's castle, Ramalot. They were called the Knights of the Pound Table because of a special table in Ramalot. In order to make sure that everyone at the table was an equal, i.e. that no one sat at the head of the table, King ArtHurt assembled all of his men in a chamber around a rectangular table and had them all pound it with their godlike fists until it collapsed into a billion pieces. This decision was praised by the citizens as a symbol of the King's humility, although some knights complained that there was nowhere convenient to set their chalices down since the table was destroyed. Others grumbled that King ArtHurt should've just gotten a round table instead.

Code of Chivalry

In order to become a Knight of the Pound Table, a knight had to prove they were slamtacular enough. In the legend, the knights swore a Code of Slam, which is much like a flexing tournament is today. This meant that they promised to uphold the Slam Rules given to them once they became a Knight of the Pound Table.

The Slam Rules are as follows:

- To never do a slam that is less than a slam
- Always to avoid not slamming
- To by no means not slam
- To always slam


To date, five-hundred-and-seventy-nine destroyed tables have been discovered around the world, the discoverer(s) of each claiming that it is the genuine Pound Table. Extensive testing of each site's residual Slam Energy has yet to be done.