Kono Guy

Kono Guy is an embarrassingly pathetic skeleton who has a habit of drinking blood like a Dracula. Absent of a digestive system or throat, most blood ends up staining the skeleton. Eventually, after 10,000 years of fruitless blood-sucking, Kono Guy's skeleton became imbued with the color of crimson and the stench of several billion corpses. This makes Kono Guy very unpleasant to be around. Fortunately, this unpleasantness was waved off by adventurers who chase the skeleton all across G-Urth.

Eventually, he found himself doomed in a miniature dungeon, where adventurers now proceed to chase him around for Forever, masking his god awful stench from the rest of the world population. There have been many successful attempts to slam Kono Guy, but he keeps resurrecting. Scientists believe that his bones have been soaked in so much blood that their molecular structure is more similar to that of liquid than muscle. For this reason, it is able to reassemble within moments after Slam.

When asked to comment on his entrapment in the miniature dungeon, he hollered, "i cant navigate it without feeling like i fell into a satanic dimension"

Power Level

Despite being a skeleton, Kono Guy is not an object of fear for many adventurers because he lacks muscles and tendons. Kono Guy's sole ability would be to scare children shitless, if children were of low enough power level. Most of the time they just laugh at him.

Other skeletons tend to be seen as creepy because of their musical abilities. Kono Guy's musical ability however is limited to adlut contemporary.

Contact with Ningen

While most ningen reflexively slam Kono Guy, Thernz made an effort to make a record of conversations with the skeleton. However, Thernz soon realized that every opinion of Kono Guy was Absolutely Wrong and he tried to burn records of the conversations. But Thernz made the mistake of dropping the documents into Hell instead of a normal Volcano, and Satan subsequently published the conversations.

The Kono Guy Keikakus is now a New Wark Times Best Seller.