Hompdomp the Manslayer, a well-known guitarist who betrayed the human race because they weren't "crush" enough, obliterating everything that was not their friend.
He is now responsible for creating 90% of the music in Hedgehog culture, helping give rise to a generation of too-cool youths.

Krush is governed by a council of forty overseeing hedgehog lords. Among their ranks are such luminaries as Robert the Hedgehog, casually known as 'Bobhog', Starstripe the Hedgehog, codename: 'Fastburger', the legendary Gogof, whose name is derived from the term "Gotta-go-fast", and Hompdomp the Manslayer, a hedgehog-sympathizing human who was made an honorary hedgehog and member of the council after his critical contributions in the Man vs. Hedgehog conflict of Sonic's year 346, otherwise known as the beginning of the Krush Calendar.