Krush Calendar

The Krush Calendar begins at Sonic's year 346. It is said that on that day, thunder, rain and lightning were witnessed by locals of Krush. Raising water levels were also perceived as a bad sign, as the water began to flood Krush. There was clamour and sirens were wailing. People ran for shelter from shadows of dark creatures. It was on this day that Hompdomp the Manslayer helped out the hero of Crush Country, Sonic, and he defeated the Eggman, who was the leader of the men in the Man vs. Hedgehog conflict.

The calendar months are as follows:

1. Gotta open your heart duuuuuude: 40 days; the month of celebrating Sonic and Hompdomp's victory
2. Live and learn, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!: 40 days
3. Let me show you what I'm made of: 40 days; when Sonic resisted a subsequent invasion by the Eggman
4. It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right: 40 days; a pacifistic sentiment is carried by this month and thus, no war is allowed until it's over
5. Black-hearted evil, brave-hearted hero: 40 days; the people of Krush are tested on this month to prove their worth as brave-hearted heroes, and the black-hearted evils are exiled
6. Slashing breaking through the fire: 40 days; a month to celebrate those who were elevated to brave-hearted hero status
7. Will to fight in a world that's not as right enough: 40 days; the people of Krush remember the old King Arthur's (in reality, Sonic himself) resistance against the Black Knight on this month and those who strive to discipline themselves as knights must start doing so on this month
8. Falling free in the wind in the wind: 40 days; the ultimate of celebratory months, this month celebrates the absolute freedom that the people of Krush are used to
9. Sonic boom sonic boom SONIC BOOOOOOM: 40 days; a month that originated in an older calendar of Krush (before it was Krush) but nevertheless, carried the spirit of Krush with it and thus it was reused
10. In this world, compromise does not exist: 40 days; the entire month is a national holiday, as Sonic was born in this month
11. Welcome to the end is near: 40 days; people of Krush evaluate their efforts of the year on this month
12. You know every world will have its end: 40 days; the last month, some preparations are made for the new year

At first, the Krush Calendar had 40 months, but it was deemed too extremely huge so it was reduced to 12 months, 40 days each. Among the lost months are "Tell me now how long this will last" and "Make-believes reborn".