Kupomogli appeared in Resonacia's Chat Tavern one day out of the blue, begging to be let into the group led by Diplo. Despite the denial of this request, Kupomogli remained at the Tavern when the group was present, huddled in corners, smiling sweetly at the others through tears of endured pain and adoring joy. No one knew where Kupomogli came from or where he lived when he was not in the Tavern. For a short time, presumably for living expenses, he worked at the local game shop with incredible fury. He was soon fired for referring to customers as "king cocks," "dong-cradling casuals," and so on when they did not purchase the products he approved of. No one in Resonacia could stand Kupomogli, but his intensely pathetic character caused them to hold back on exiling him. "Surely here is a creature who cannot fall any farther," was the sentiment.

At the peak of his lunacy, Kupomogli ran through the halls of the chapel, yelling "YOU ALL INHALED THE BIG SPHERE OF IGA". Completely naked. Kupomogli met his end when he secretly followed Diplo's group on an expedition to which they did not invite him. At one point, the group was confronted with a great snake, and Kupomogli, wishing to prove his mettle, burst out of the foliage, screaming, "I BET YOU DIDN'T EVEN FINISH NO MORE HEROES ON HARD MODE." The snake promptly devoured Kupomogli and left Diplo and company in peace.