Labyrinthine Kingdom Of Goblins

The Labyrinthine Kingdom Of Goblins is a massive underground complex located in a Central Asian Dracula hole. It holds the largest concentration of goblins and is ruled by Goblin King Jareth. While Goblins do not share a political hegemony, the Labyrinthine Kingdom Of Goblins acts as a unofficial capital and liaison for other goblin encampments. The Labyrinth is unique in that it is the only large enough goblin community to be considered a kingdom. Of course, this can be linked to the administration of Jareth, rather than the goblins themselves.

In the deepest parts of the Labyrinth, the normal laws of gravity are subverted and a variety of staircases are placed haphazardly, coming from different angles and positions. The core of the Labyrinth was voted Worst Architecture of the Century. It is uncertain how goblins perform diplomacy or even the simplest of acts in the kingdom, as the Labyrinth has the complexity of a sudoku puzzle. It is assumed that Jareth himself personally picks up lost goblins in the labyrinth and transports them.