Haven of Bonehavers

Haven of Bonehavers, also known as Havenhaver, is a small island from which all Culture is derived. It is the Land of the Three Treasures: Skeletons, Bones, and Boners. Bonehaver is a progressive place where drifting has supplanted the precedent of Slam and Ram.

Havenhaver is entirely constructed from bones. The topography is littered with giant speakers that constantly blare Jazz Fusion from artists such as G-Square, Casiopeia (named for their use of Casio keyboards), and Beato Hard. The entire country is always racing, and it's a mystery on how anything is done in the country. The common saying in Havenhaver is, "The early bird gets the early death: enlightenment that they are a skeleton first and not a bird". Anthropologists maintained that the constant racing in Havenhaver has allowed Havenhaverers to transcend duties because of their speed. They are always rushing to do something, but there is to end to the journey, so they are rushing to exist, so to speak. Chores, work, reproduction, excretion have all become moot to the act of going somewhere, someplace, even if that somewhere, someplace is non-existent.

An additional but little known fact is that every (if not most) native resident of Havenhaver is actually a skeleton. This can be surmised from the hidden xylophone tracks in their jazz fusion and the fact that they resemble skeletons.


It is also said that the country is ruled by a council of genial cats. When questioned about how genial a country of skeletons can be, Prime Minster King Cup Noodle stared into vacant space.


Dogs, the skeleton's number one enemy.

Hard Counter to Enemies?

Officials have countered dogs by bringing in humongous skeleton dogs from Lordram. This has accounted for 50% of the skeleton dog's population loss in recent years, as they have a tendency to run blindly into pits instead.