Lapekto is a floating castle in the sky that was refurnished by Peklo's gang as their headquarters during the Great Slam War the Second. After Jut's Farm was burned down and Nightmare was severed into a billion pieces, Peklo wandered the G-Urth in despair. Upon discovering this ancient floating fortress, Peklo's curiosity led him to the deepest chambers where it held the Pillar Propping Heaven, a legendary monolith that could communicate with the dead. On clear and sunless days, Peklo ventured deep into the pillar's chamber to speak with the deceased Nightmare. One day, Giz and Thernz bumped into Peklo. They had already refurnished part of Lapekto into their own adobe, unaware that Peklo had taken station upon the very same vessel.

They decided to round up the survivors of the Fall of the Chapel and make Lapekto a new home above the chaos the Successor had laid. However, not everyone would be included; Peklo personally advised against inviting certain people, because they were awkward.

Lapekto is a massive entity. Fitted with ten dozen Bicep Blaster Bomb Bobbor Jet engines and several thousand propellers, Lapekto can reach a top speed of half a knot. It is amazing that Lapekto can even stay in the air, as it contains several compartments that are several hundred tons, including a burning coliseum where dubstep constantly pumps out of the central pit. It is said that giant men, possibly forgotten Slam Gods, dwell in this locked away chamber.