Legendary Big M

There was once a strong man who slaughtered dragons with his bare hands. His God-like fists earned him the title of the "Legendary Big M."

It is an unspoken rule in every society that there are to be no images of the Legendary Big M. Supposedly, the only portrayals of that glorious man exist in a secret storehouse of the Grandgod Church, located in Fatican City, but no one outside of the most elite church officials are allowed access to said storehouse. Some extremist groups say that these images are not shown or allowed because, if they were, the magnificence of the Legendary Big M would eclipse that of all the Original Slam Gods and Neo Slam Gods. A few identified members of such groups within Fatican City have been imprisoned by the government and had Bungle bugs attached to them as punishment.

The supposed grave of the Legendary Big M can be found at the Dragon Graveyard, but no one knows where this graveyard is. The Legendary Big M's legend ends in tragedy, for it is said that the Legendary Big M's power eventually overwhelmed him, invoking a muscular madness that made no moral distinction, and he had to be enclosed in a trap made out of a billion dragon bones and buried ten miles beneath the g-urth. However, this part of the legend is often overlooked, partly because the aforementioned grave has not been found, and partly because most people find the conclusion to be a bummer. As a consequence, non-canonical endings to the legend abound. A popular example is that the Legendary Big M came to a ceasefire with the dragons and helped to cultivate a temporary period of peace between dragons and humans; and that he one day learned to sprout dragon wings and flew off into space to help people on other worlds with his God-like fists.

The punches of the Legendary Big M applied four-thousand megatons of pressure per square inch.