List of Plumbing Systems of Finland

Up until the last century, the idea of using pipes for portable water or waste was unheard of. Most people took their dumps in pit toilets, alternatively called dumpholes. Present-day plumping involves the use of high-pressure pumping, wherein "plumbers" employed by feudal lords are used to release pumping energy into the pipes. Because of how strenuous this can be, plumbers are usually gathered from the strongest strongmen, and it is considered a divine privilege to be a plumber. However, because of how intense the pumping is, most plumbers work for a period of three months, before they have a decade-long leave to rebuild pumping power.

Aqueducts were an early creation used to facilitate the transportation of water, but it was quickly abandoned as sites where aqueducts were built were suddenly flooded and turned into Atlantis-style ruins, full of bonner dragons and mermen. Cesspits are another invention that is common around Eurump, but the sheer number of cesspit-collapses, and the number of humans who have died as a result has led to cesspits being built in only the most hardcore of houses, most notably those in Resonacia. Stepwells are common in Certain Country and are usually megalithic in size. An early civilization in Certain Country was destroyed when its Caliph demanded the destruction of all stepwells, upon realizing they were bigger than his palace.

This list gives a complete overview of the number of toilets in Finland, one of the most modernized countries in plumbing.

List of Toilets