Lord D. F. Jogre of Coxenburg

Reigning over the goblinized but once expansive kingdom of Coxenburg, Lord Jogre is a well-groomed gentleman often at odds with the rambunctious crew of Resonacia. While not corralling his goblins to behave, he tries to uphold his values in a world far gone. Coxenburg was once the most powerful kingdom in Finland, but it soon festered nothing but villainous dregs. A devious corruption laying at the foundation of the castle took the souls of most mortal men who lived in the castle town, while the rest either scrambled deep into the burrows for shelter or died to the goblin scourge. The king fled and left Duke D. Jogre in charge.

With the castle crumbling all around him, the only thing on Jogre's mind is conspiracy. Despite an armistice and the utter obliteration of Resonacia as a state, he has a paranoia of having people from Resonacia infest his already goblin-infested town. For that reason, Giz has often been flung from the castle walls with Jogre's enticingly beautiful but powerful mane of jet hair. In one incident, he even threw out a table while screaming that it was a Resonacian who came back from the dead. It was likely the Antique Table.

Lord Jogre is a self-proclaimed Lord of Shadow.