Lord King God University

If not the most prestigious university in Finland, Lord King God University is at least the oldest. It was formed under a cooperative effort from local scholars, and was initially conceived of by Woolfardisworthy Godmaster, a polymath and genius practitioner of the Final Bulwark Squatslam fighting style. Typically, only one-hundred applicants are accepted each year. Lord King God's distinction is a combination of academic rigor and intense physical standards. For example, whenever a student speaks in class, he or she must flex their body's entire muscles to the maximum until they finish talking. As another example: students who cannot ascend the school buildings' monstrous staircases at least ten steps at a time must balance eight-hundred-pound boulders with their feet in a secluded tower.

Lord King God University's campus covers a 4500 acre area. Much of the campus consists of naturally preserved land, but the majority of its property is devoted to the enormous network of buildings. The university's architecture is gigantic for the reason of training students' bodies even while doing the banal task of going to class. Hallways are punctuated by twenty-foot deep pits; professors will occasionally be substituted with Muscle Mimics who must first be defeated for the real professor to appear; even the students' desks are huge, and the seats are equipped with a mechanism that punches occupants. This mechanism can only be endured by making one's body behave as steel. Those unprepared for the toughness of Lord King God's physical standards will pass out or die upon their first day of attendance. Thus, most accepted applicants are of the Dude Huge variety by default, and are looking to expand their already excellent aesthetic-athletic lifestyle.

Lord King God University's seal is a white shield with two titans arm-wrestling in midair. The university's motto is "The unexslammened life is not worth living." Lord King God is also famous for its mostly friendly rivalry with Billion Billion University, which resides twenty miles outside of Lord King God's westernmost border.