Lord of the Thighs

The Lord of the Thighs is an alleged pimp who participates in WHAMESCO's circuit, Sunday Night Slam Masters. Because Sunday Night Slam Masters does not require you to reveal your identity, the Lord of the Thighs wears a hollowed human thigh over his head, arousing an air of mystery, disgust, and inquiry (How can he stand the smell?). With a seventy-five-percent winning streak, the Lord of the Thighs is feared among the wrestlers of Sunday Night Slam Masters.

His wins can be traced to his signature compression lock, the Thigh Crusher of Shadows, wherein he presses the thigh muscle into the bones of the leg. The pressure is usually enough to decapitate/amputate an opponent's leg. When this happens, the Lord of the Thighs tends to dramatically flee the ring with the dismembered leg, suggesting his thigh masks are from previous wins. Because of this, he also has a streak of disqualifications for leaving the match before a winner is decided. These incidents make up the other quarter-percent in his career. Thankfully, the loss of a leg is not very life-threatening or more importantly, career-threatening as the regeneration of limbs is a standard for most WHAMESCO wrestlers. Regardless, a few cases of death have been reported as a result of the Thigh Crusher of Shadows. This is mainly attributed to cases where the wrestlers' brain was located into the thigh.

When a detective, Hurry Gurney, tried to track down the leg of Denny Tomingo, another WHAMESCO wrestler, he stumbled upon a mansion where legs were strewn on hooks every square foot. The detective immediately refunded Denny and left the scene to seek a psychiatrist.

Allegations of the Lord of the Thighs being a pimp usually come from improper research, as jabronis speculate through his name and do not look at actual footage of the Lord.