First Appearance {$first}
Title The Goblin Daughter
Rank Successor of Successor
Role Fighter/Blue Magician
Status Livin' it up
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers {$powers}
Abilities {$abilities}
Grim Synergy Seeing Conn as Meroslouch
Age 750
Country Lochroddi
Height 200 cm
Weight 100 kg
Speed {$speed}
Power Level {$level}
Blood Type Not Goblin
Family A dead goblin
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Killing goblins,
good food and drink
Dislikes Goblins, evil, arrogance
Treasures Her new name
Hobbies Sketching dead goblins
Favorite Food Goblin blood on pizza
Forte in Sports Beheading
Fighting Style Vengeance
Weapon of Choice {$weapon}
Attacks {$attacks}
Battle Cry {$battlecry}
Win Quote {$swagger}
Most Unpleasant Goblin dads
Weakness {$weakness}
Favorite Music Roarings of Virt,
the mighty lion
Personality {$personality}
An unbelievably Linden tree

Lotus is an unlikely ally in the ranks of the Cult of Diplo. Originally, the Successor of Control, a high ranking position, in the Chapel, she broke allegiance from the Successor when she discovered his twisted nature.

Here's to the Heir

Lotus was born as the princess, Liùsaidh of Lochroddi, in Lochroddi of the Scottish highlands. Despite her upbringing in nobility, Lùsaidh of Lochroddii had a touch time, as her father, King Gobhar of Lochroddii, a secret practitioner of Coxxus, led an inept rule, and when his ineptitude showed in the kingdom's treasury, he quickly cast blame on both his royal subjects and family alike. With no respect for his blood or kin, he frequently tossed the princess with nobles, artisans, and even beggars.

On the night of a bright bloodmoon, Princess Lùsaidh met an old goblin who mumbled under his breath about how the king betrayed his tribe. Princess Lùsaidh tried to convince the goblin to speak more, but the goblin said he would only dispense more if he had her necklace, a family heirloom from the first queen of Lochroddi who in myth had slain the mighty dragon Conn. She bequeathed the necklace and learned a terrible truth. King Gobhar of Lochroddi was actually a goblin who killed her father and took his place. The secret to his disguise was a potion made from the blood of the Dodo Bord mixed with the sweat of a Mega Demon. But that only complicated things further. The Dodo Bord was thought to be extinct and the existence of a Mega Demon would involve unparalleled amounts of uncool, enough to summon the Slam Gods.

Princess Lùsaidh punched through the prison wall, they were not well-maintained and Lotus only abided because the castle was just as boring as the dungeons, and went out of her way to find evidence of her false father's heinous plots. Her father was on his midnight hunt for spiders, allowing the princess to sneak into his bedroom. Find a hidden switch in his underwear drawer, she found a passage to a Dodo Bord farm kept by a Mega Demon named Billy. Billy, amazed to see someone other than the king. He had been trapped by the king for twenty years after the goblin found pictures of Billy sleeping with Dag Infinite and used them as blackmail. The demon community is very homophobic. He offered Princess Lùsaidh a seat to discuss his mental pangs.

The princess decided to push him into the water supply instead, where the mega demon died because his skin was too dense, not only having been formed from the strongest metal, Slammium, but because it subsequently absorbed the fecal matter of the Dodo Bords, creating an even stronger coat. With the lake contaminated, the Dodo Bords soon all died. After the incident, the goblin's spell soon wore off and with out potion to sustain his disguise, he locked his bedroom door. Lotus bashed it open and tossed the terrible goblin out of the window.

The court praised her actions, but because the economy was still ruined, they could only fashion her a crown of lotuses, stolen from Thernz who passed out in a barn the night before. Princess Lùsaidh graciously accepted it nevertheless. Remembering that it was her goblin father who named her, she decided to take on the new name of Lotus. While the court anticipated the return of a queen regnant, Lotus left the kingdom to pursue more adventures after discovering a bitter hatred of goblins.

Chapel Business

Her goblin-slaying soon made her name one of the most heard in the country of Scotland, but by the end of the decade, all Scottish goblins went extinct. Fearful of idleness, Lotus decided to go to the Chapel to seek more goblin-crushing missions.

She quickly made a presence in the Chapel, charming the Successor. After a mysterious purge of records, Successor bestowed Lotus the title of the Successor of Control. However, Successor knew of her attempts to socialize with the local brute, Peklo. Successor, fearful of his association with Noxious Diplocephalus Fumes, desired to use Lotus as a spy. However, as Successor fed lies to Lotus to justify her mission, she grew an enormous hatred of Peklo. So huge was this hate that being in his presence caused her power aura to erupt. There are at least a dozen incidents where this caused the deaths of peasants in the surrounding farmlands.

Soon, the Chapel continued to deteriorate, and the tale of Successor's crimes soon reached surface. Lotus left to join the Cult of Diplo. Successor, mad and delusional, began to spur stories about Lotus throughout the Chapel, but no one cared, and it only served as evidence that Successor was a big bunglebutt.

The Slouching Disguise of Conn

She continued companionship with the surviving Chapelpeople who fled the Successor, though things were shaky. Arguing with Conn and Giz about dragons, she mistakenly believed Conn was Devin Meroslouch, Giz's lifelong partner. This is because the necklace she gave actually revealed Conn to the descendants of the queen who annoyed him. Conn, in a bid to do away with unnecessary annoyances, crafted a necklace that would blind the queen from seeing him in his dragon form. However, he made a big mistake and ended up casting a curse that disallowed them to see his true form without the necklace. He felt bad and after the queen passed, he gave it to the queen's daughter so that the queen's descendants could realize he was a dragon. Within that woman's lifetime, Conn moved away from Scotland so the necklace's significance was soon forgotten. It was all very convoluted.

Coincidentally, Conn in his non-dragon form, resembled Meroslouch.