Love and Respect to the ○○-san

"Love and Respect to the ○○-san" is a common phrase uttered by Burgburgers. It's actually a form of patronization. Many Burgburgers try to use it to inflict jinxes on friends and enemies alike, hoping to indulge in the resulting schadenfreude.

The technique is ultimately ultra-ineffective.

Hero's constant utterance of this phrase to Diplo has caused scholars to believe Hero is actively trying to kill Diplo through the Power of Word. Upon Hero saying, on live TV, "I love and respect a lot of people," most nations hurriedly put up their Final Defense Barriers Ga in a futile attempt to block out potential nonexistent jinxes. This cost trillions of bingles. Dag Infinite would later use this as evidence against the further proliferation of television programs that are not about him flexing.