A rare picture of Lucifel who is about to engage in intimacy.

A strange man who wears mostly black. He is known throughout the Land of Dragons as the progenitor of denim jeans, a particular type of trousers extremely alien to even the most advanced cultures. He is an idol of Thernz, who prays to him everyday for his own pair of jeans. Part of his outrageously sensual allure is his refined voice and the strange device he uses to communicate with the Slam Gods, a cellular phone. He is often seen with Enoch, a human who earned the favor of the Slam Gods to defeat the Ice Giants of Northern Finland. When Enoch's first attempts to subdue the foul giants failed despite a full set of armor, Lucifel offered him a pair of jeans, stating he bought the wrong pair and that the more workman-inclined pair of jeans would suit Enoch. It gave Enoch a tremendous amount of beauty and he soon slew all the Ice Giants.

It is said Lucifel is actually Satan. He has not responded to any of these comments.


An example of the high fashion Lucifel promotes with his jeans.