Lunatic Bongo

Lunatic Bongo, originally known as The Atrocious Bing Bang Bong Dinglewhammer, is an imperious being devised by professional Finnish Grim-summoner and animator Äääääää Ääätakku. Lunatic Bongo started out as a flip-book animated character, but later on, thanks to local concentrations of Dark G-Bubba energy, crossed the border into the physical plane of Sin to harass everyone's eardrums and soul. The animation was originally created to accompany a sound effect produced by voice actor Dam Scrumshoot who attempted to imitate the sound of an army of bongos ending the world.

Lunatic Bongo spawned a worldwide hit single with a remix of "Bang My Bongo You Bangling Bringus", which reached the number one spot in Turkey, Finland, Slamerica, and most of Eurump. The subsequent album, Lunatic Bongo Presents Lunatic Hits, and the second single, "BONGO BONGO", also enjoyed worldwide chart success, and a second album entitled Lunatic Bongo Presents More Lunatic and Inescapable Hits was released. Lunatic Bongo has also spawned a range of dangerous instruments and two video games, and is currently considered to be the most self-absorbed and noisiest bongo on record.


Several years ago, viewers submitted a number of complaints to the Finnish Decendy Standards Authority (FDSA), complaining that Lunatic Bongo appeared to have a visible bonner and scrotum. Some parents complained that this made inappropriate viewing for children. The FDSA did not uphold the complaints, pointing out that Lunatic Bongo is a bongo.