Mad Dag

Mad Dag was a deity once worshiped by Certain Country. Actually an Ice Giant from Finland, he was born with the peculiar defect of having a dog's head. In embarrassment, he fled the northern lands to seek acceptance. Because of his origin as an Ice Giant, he had a ravenous hunger for humans. Through much training and hardship, however, he learned to overcome his bestial instincts. He became the progenitor for the Way of the Gentlemen, pursuing courtesy, honor, and justice above all. To the numerous tribes in Certain Country, he was seen as starkly handsome and carried respect for his well-doings. Dag helped cultivate each tribe morally with tribe leaders, set up rituals to honor filial piety, and brought about decrees for humaneness. Self-respect and refinement flourished in Certain Country, and within a few hundred years, it was united under the single rule of a just Caliph. Mad Dag was elevated to the status of a God and enjoyed many boons: the largest bath house in all of Certain Country, a harem of the most gorgeous dogs, and child sacrifice rituals designed to feed his accursed hunger.

However, Mad Dag remained a slave to his cruel hunger as the years passed. Having subsided it with formal child sacrifice, he became increasingly distant from the moral Caliphs of Certain Country. He came to be seen as a moral scourge, outdated and something to be dealt with, especially with the rise of a new dominant religion where the old gods were swept away. Just 500 years ago, the Caliph ordered a Monster Hunt on Mad Dag. Overwhelmed by the chivalry of the Caliph's troops and amazed at the progress of man, he bowed to his knees and whispered, "The Gentleman is now carried in the spirit of man. No longer is the Gentleman the product of Gods." With that, his head was chopped off and carried to the Caliph.

Dag Infinite's namesake is derived from Mad Dag.