Makkusu Korossosu

Makkusu Korossosu was the largest man in history. Born in a small fishing village in Tokyo, Korossossu was inspired by mecha anime he watched as a child. Seeing their powers used to serve justice, Korossosu equated his own size, which was similar to the technical measurements of otaku favorite Pantsuzzanga Z, to their tremendous policing power and made a long odyssey to restore peace and order to the world. While he failed, Korossosu is credited with bringing anime to the west. For this reason, some call him "the Missing Neo Slam God" while others call him the King of the King of Devil.

When Makkusu Korossosu returned to Land of Taiyou, he turned it into a fascist police state that is currently using its unique anime technology to infiltrate the intelligentsia of the west. Attempts have also been made in Continent of Dragon Kings, but most efforts have been crushed by the prevailing popularity of the Code of the Dragon, a religion that admonishes the core tenets of anime: high schools, boobs, and giant eyes. Makkusu Korossosu mostly uses his political sway to reconstruct his figurine collection into 1:1 scale. It is not known if the colossal figurines have any military power, but there are rumors that they have been equipped with Supaafurato Misairu, weapons that are able to defecate on fine art.