Manfredo is the living skeleton of Giz. He rivals Duke Von Gaibon in the number of artworks commissioned, though Manfredo usually just begs Diplo to make more art. After several months of decomposition, Juts Beaumont finally decided to scurry to the bottom of the pit where Giz died to retrieve the body and carry out funeral rites. Juts Beaumont was incredibly afraid of zombies after one zombie jaunted after him and broke his shoulder blade with a nudge. Upon reaching the bottom of the hole by rope, Giz's corpse (now a skeleton) scurried up Jut's face and climbed out, leaving the poor Beaumont down the hole.

The process of which turned Giz into Manfredo is unclear but Manfredo personally says that he shed his flesh to not get drunk and insult Diplo again.


Manfredo falling through Hell.

Thankfully, Juts had his Infinite Boots, and quadruple-jumped out of the hole safely (after being frozen in fright for a week). Manfredo was nowhere to be seen on Jut's Farm, but the experience frightened Juts so much that he abandoned the farm for a room full of furniture in a nearby, unknowing Dracula's Dracula castle.

In skeleton form, Manfredo is one of the most dangerous skeletons alive. His "heh"s are amplified by his tittering bones, even with the absence of his vocal cords. Despite his, Manfredo deeply misses his old human body, and wears luxurious blonde horse-demon hair wigs out of insecurity. Manfredo makes a living at Skeleton City by playing xylophone renditions of his favorite human tunes. He likes to incorporate the tweets of fat skeleton birds in his songs, and this quirk can be heard in his legendary rendition of Theme of Juts Beaumont, labeled "THE POWER."

A playback of THE POWER is enough to make Juts scream for a hour.


Eventually, after everyone else died long ago, the skeleton of Manfredo deteriorated into the dust. Yet the dust still held sentience as the agonizing Gnostic Wetfart…