Manhandler Toria

Manhandler Toria's main occupation is hurling men into a volcano. When she's off her job, she likes indulging in her hobby of ripping off men's hands and using them as weapons. Sometimes, she may use the very same hands to grip other men and toss them into volcanoes when on the job, if she's feeling the need for Extra Challenge because her own grip is Max Level.

Name Origins

There are ongoing disputes among etymologists on where her name comes from. Manhandler can refer to how she handles men during her job chucking them into Heck or how she collects the hands of man. When asked to comment on the origins of her name by a etymologist, Manhandler Toria instinctively tossed the etymologist into the volcano. It's been suggested that someone should approach Toria again and ask, only this time, the someone should be a woman.

When the task was talked about at the Etymologist's Union of Fat Nation, no one raised their hand to take up the task.

Weapons of Choice

Toria prefers using titanium-encrusted baseball gloves on both hands. She has never been seen catching men though. She only pitches them into oblivion.