Mantis Sea Devil Shrimp

The Mantis Sea Devil Shrimp is a species of Hokuto Shinken practitioners. They are able to take on larger devils through their powerful claws.


Mantis Sea Devil Shrimps are divided into two schools of Hokuto Shinken.

Tenha no Sumashuu

These shrimps possess giant clubs for claws and more rudimentary spears. The spears are crafted out of diamond instead of adamantium. Tenha no Sumashuu users primarily use their clubs to bludgeon and smash their meals apart. One smack of a Tenha no Sumashuu user's club can break 99.999% of armors. The inner part of their dactyl contains micro-sized fists that can cut a prey to shreds. It is assumed that these micro-fists can reach speeds of 100,000,000 mph.

Go no Sōjutsu

Sojutsu users on the other hand utilize spiny appendages topped with barbed tips. These appendages can extend to several li long in microseconds. Shrimps of this style mainly get around by vaulting themselves using their barbed spears. Periodically, Go no Sojutsu users will accidentally generate too much speed and burn out of existence. As a result, Go no Sojutsu users are rarer to find than Tenha no Sumashuu users.


Both schools mainly strike by rapidly unfolding and swinging their raptorial claws at prey. These smashers can accelerate at 10,400,400,400,400 g. The strikes are so fast and precise that they generate cavitation bubbles. These bubbles have been measured to range from 1,500,000 newtons to several googol newtons. If a prey is hit from a single strike, it is usually followed up with being engulfed in the Hell Bubble. The resulting Jigoku Forces is enough to melt a prey into puree which the shrimp then quickly ingests.

Shrimps can usually be spotted in the middle of the hunt because of the sonoluminescene produced from their strikes. A few miles off of Certain Country shores, one can easily see the ocean's surface becoming a light show at night because of rapid shrimp hunt activities. Because of the high amount of light and temperatures in the range of several trillion kelvins in the bubbles, parts of the sea can instantly open up due to Instant Evaporation.

This has led to several droughts in Certain Country when shrimps have been a tad too overzealous with killing.

Tenha no Sumashuu prefer using these abilities to attack shelled Satans while Go no Sojutsu users prey on softer animals such as humans, which their barbed claws can more easily slice and snag.