Mark Satan
Mark Satan
First Appearance {$first}
Title Puff Prince,
Drag Queen,
Rank Office Worker
Role Debuffer
Status Smoking
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Steaming Evil Within
Abilities Smoking,
Turning on loud music
to ignore everyone
Grim Synergy Covering a 666 km radius in smoke
Age 666
Country Hell
Height 666
Weight 666
Speed {$speed}
Power Level Red Hot!!!
Blood Type Lava
Family died from cancer
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Smoking
Dislikes Not smoking
Treasures His pet cat, Smokey, who does
partake every meow and then
Hobbies Smoking
Favorite Food Cigarettes
Forte in Sports Smoking
Fighting Style Smoking
Weapon of Choice Cigar
Attacks Smoking
Battle Cry "I'm gonna smoke YOU!"
Win Quote "HELL 2 U"
Most Unpleasant Being called Satin
Weakness {$weakness}
Favorite Music Lullaby Sent to the
Satan's Bunghole
Personality Smokin'
An unbelievably Satan

"Everything is hell to me and I love it."

-Mark Satan on everything.

Possibly related to Satan.