Mashchester is a bleak hellhole located in the United Fiefdom. It is characteristically the only enclave of industrial culture. The majority of Mashchester's land is occupied by factories and warehouses, while the sky is hidden away under billowing smog. While Mashchester originally bolstered a strong textile manufacturing economy, it has drastically shifted to breakfast manufacture where its iconic bangers and mash is created.

Despite people's preference for minimal clothing, the textile industry helped expand Mashchester into a goliath urban monstrosity. Economists believe the textile was used to fashion together dolls of the Slam Gods as there was a rampant craze on communicating to the Slam Gods via the dolls, until Jamboree came down from the heavens and mocked the humans for playing with dolls rather than pumping with iron.

Most people in Mashchester are either named Bangers or Mash. While this causes confusion among foreigners, Mashchesterers have developed an incredible cognitive technique that makes this a non-issue.

Another characteristic of Mashchester is its goblin sub-species, the Chavs. They are cited for their high fashion and eagerness to violence, a key component of Slam faith.